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  1. Lynn

    My biggest goal was to get out of debt. In 2014, everything except my mortgage was paid off. Losing weight seems to be a recurring goal with me 🙁 . Trying not to diet but to eat healthy instead.

  2. Annalisa

    I have fought a battle every day – overcoming Lyme disease. It is a choice every single day to have a positive attitude and know that I can overcome the obstacles I have dealing with this. I love your blog and look forward to the great recipes you provide! My goal is to continue to beat Lyme disease and live a fulfilling life!

  3. Cassie

    Inspiring person in my life is my best
    Friend Lisset. We met living next to each other on a military base
    And she has taught me how to be a great mom when I have had no famy around. She is someone u can call noatter what time and she will always be there. The is a great wife and mom and I look up to her. I'm so glad we met
    And became best

  4. Jan Evett

    I've had an interesting couple of years. After 25 years selling real estate in Florida, I moved back to Nashville, Tennessee last summer. It's a move I've wanted to make for a very long time. I am now retiring from real estate to pursue a new plan. Eighteen years ago my husband died of heart failure at the age of 46. I was 42 and our children were 8, 11 and 14 years old. It wasn't impossible, but it wasn't always easy. A few years ago I began writing some stories about grief experiences. Then I started a blog and a Facebook page named after the book I am planning to publish called The Widows Walk.In 2012, I completed a masters in counseling and now offer grief counseling at no charge to the grieving person. I am also in the process of establishing a corporation that will be not for profit and donor based for The Widows Walk Grief Counseling Ministry.

  5. Robyn B.

    The goal that I have personally accomplished is promoting to the position at work that I've always wanted but never thought I'd get. Dedication and hard work pays off ??

  6. sylvia waters

    In the last couple of years, I retired against my will to take care of my 87 year old mom and wasn't too happy about it. Since that time I have become a much kinder and gentler person -huge change for me! In the next 5 or so years I would like to sell my home and go on the road to visit people and places, specially train rides.

    Most inspiring person in my life has been and will always be Jesus Christ.

  7. Rachel J

    My biggest accomplishment in the last 5 years is giving birth to a beautiful boy! He is the best thing I have ever done. In the next 5 years and beyond, I hope to give him the happiest fullest life 🙂

  8. Heather

    You are amazing! So proud of all the hard work you've put into your awesome blog. Grateful every day that you are in my life.
    ❤️ you!

  9. Tarah

    My favorite board game is Monopoly. I'm hoping once my kids are old enough, they'll want to play with me. My husband humors me every few years. haha!

  10. Ed M

    The goal I started 4 years ago was to be healthy. That was different than past goals of losing weight. I now eat healthy, have taken processed sugars out of my diet, go to the gym 6 days/week and have lost 180#!

  11. Patty

    First of all thank you for making that difficult decision to write your food blog which I truly enjoy! In the last five years I decided to leave my corporate rat race (high paying) job in restaurant management and manage our local high school cafeteria. The pay is a third of what I used to make with the wonderful upside being summers off to garden and can, a regular eight hour day and working six minutes from home. This dream and subsequent change helped teach me what's really important in life, such a gift! In the next five years I hope to make a difference in the eating habits of the kids in my community by introducing them to "diversity in food".

  12. C. Ezovski

    I have met part of my goal this last year by losing about half the weight that I need to. I have learned to eat healthier, drink more water, ramp up my exercise program and walk more. I hope to lose the rest in the next year. I have a lot of support from my friends and family, so I see this as totally doable!

  13. Nancy Jo

    My greatest accomplishment was becoming a grandmother to 2 wonderful children! Shane and Catelynn. And now I've taken up sewing and quilting. I am learning on my own. I hope to continue this as my main hobby from now on for the future. I get my inspirations from my grandmothers. Granny was THE best cook ever and my other grandmother made all my clothes. they inspire me to be my best. I love playing Monopoly with my grandson. We buy everything! and learn about money.

    You have a great blog

  14. Barbie Barnard

    5 years ago I retired from teaching. I taught Preschool and Kindergarten for 30 years. I now work in a church office because you can't get by on your retirement income by itself. I love being around the people and getting to know them. It is very emotional sometimes in a church office.
    I run, my first run was at age 50, and I did a half marathon which I am very proud of. I try to stay healthy and eat right and continue to exercise.
    Favorite board game is Trivial Pursuit and I admire anyone who is older that keeps up with a healthy regimen and tries to keep their lifestyle going in that same direction.

  15. MAryB

    We recently sold our large home. We hope to find a smaller home in a community we love before retirement, which is coming up soon. I love board games! Scrabble, Monoooly and the old game of Life are always fun.

  16. Val in MN

    Hubby and I are hoping to retire in the next couple years, and I also wish to start a blog for a creative outlet. Thanks for such a great giveaway.

  17. nk521

    Four years ago I graduated college and was looking forward to fulfilling another goal of mine, Graduate school. But I ended up being diagnosed with a disease that set me back and pretty much discouraged me from really doing anything. The past couple years I have learned to manage it, although a few set backs have occurred, this past month I have really started to get my mind where my heart is. So once again, my future goal for the next five years is to go to Graduate school and hopefully get to do what I am passionate about, help people.

  18. Jennai

    Trivial Pursuit used to be my favorite board game, but now I play it online! I like to play Sorry with my kids also — a game I played as a kid.

  19. Vin

    IDK if it's my forever favorite, but I really like Pandemic. Partly that's because it's cooperative, so I can play 5 characters by myself, if I feel like it, and then throw my hands in the air and make cheering crowd noises when I win (which is not every time).

  20. Stephanie Phelps

    In the next five years I hope to have gotten my health back. Stopped smoking and be the best grand mother I can be to my first grand child! I hope to be celebrating my 35 wedding anniversary with the love of my life!

  21. Dee

    My biggest goals for the next five years include getting my master's degree, getting a full time teaching job, improving my financial security, and surviving my two daughters going through their teenage years! 🙂

  22. Stephanie

    In the last 5 years, I have had a child. It was a goal not so easily accomplished. But by far, the biggest blessing, teacher, and eye opening experience to date. He has taught me so much more about life than I've taught him. A friend told me when I was pregnant, that when raising my baby, it would be the only chance to ever "re-discover" the world again. Didn't quite understand until the toddler years. Watching him feel wind for the first time and it literally take his breath away, feel grass on the soles of his feet and hesitating before touching again (what in the world is this green picky stuff??), and feel rain drops on his little head and look up to figure it all out, I understood.

  23. Robert

    Great for this summer! Super healthy and delicious at the same time. Very simple. Pecans and goat cheese are a great combination. Love it. Robert @

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