This simple Chicken Vegetable Soup recipe is the easiest soup you’ll ever make. You’ll likely be able to find all of the vegetables in your pantry. Great dinner option to pull together in a pinch!


Olive oil Garlic Italian parsley Salt & pepper Whole kernel corn Sliced potatoes Sweet peas Green beans Sliced carrots Diced tomatoes Chicken stock Shredded chicken  Shredded cheeese

When you have a goal to use what's in your pantry or on hand, you need a recipe that can accomplish that. Canned veggies put together a healthy soup in no time!

You have options when it comes to adding meat to this soup. Pull meat from a Rotisserie chicken, cook and shred chicken breasts or just use canned chicken!

To simplify the recipe even more, replace fresh garlic with 1 teaspoon garlic powder and replace fresh parsley with 2 teaspoons dried parsley.

Enjoy! This all in one meal doesn't need any sides. But a crusty loaf of bread might be delicious.