This is the perfect recipe to top your next batch of chili dogs with for summer cookouts, game-day parties or an easy and fun family dinner.

INGREDIENTS Ground beef Tomato sauce Tomato paste Pickle juice Ketchup Brown sugar Mustard Worcestershire sauce Chili powder Garlic powder Onion powder Cumin Paprika Red pepper flakes Celery salt Salt and pepper

Spice up this chili sauce by adding any of the following: extra red pepper flakes, cayenne pepper, hot sauce or diced jalapeno peppers.

Create a hot dog bar where people can build their own dogs. Place toppings in separate bowls and allow each guest to determine how much chili sauce they’d like to pile on their hot dogs.

You may opt to brown ground beef in a skillet the traditional way, but we found that using the method detailed in this recipe is the perfect way to achieve an extra moist and flavorful end result.