Fresh Spicy  Bean Salsa

This spicy bean salsa recipe is fresh, zesty, delicious and great for parties. It is also the perfect food to have hanging out in your fridge all week for lunch wraps, salads or to top grilled chicken with.

–green bell pepper –tomatoes –red onion –jalapeno peppers –black beans –Italian salad dressing –garlic salt –salt & pepper

This is the easiest recipe - you dump everything in a bowl and let it sit to marinate flavors.

I enjoy this salsa in so many different ways, but I’ll tell you my favorites! Solo with a sprinkling of salt as a light lunch. As a topping on a grilled chicken breast. As a dressing on a leafy salad. As a dip for tortilla chips.

Bring this with you to the next party you are invited to and you’ll be the star!