Frozen Peach Yogurt

Only 3 ingredients needed to make this delicious Frozen Peach Yogurt! Perfect for a healthy snack OR dessert, it is just as delicious as ice cream!

Peaches  Vanilla yogurt Honey

Combine the peaches, yogurt and honey in a food processor or blender.

Process/puree until smooth.

Pour the mixture into a shallow freezer-safe container and spread into an even layer.

Cover the container and transfer to a freezer for a minimum of four hours before serving.

RECIPE TIP Fresh peaches are absolutely delicious and perfect for this recipe, but frozen fruit will work if they aren’t in season!

RECIPE TIP Feel free to use vanilla Greek yogurt in place of regular yogurt. This will add extra protein to your treat!

Throw a few peach slices on top before freezing for an extra fun dessert treat!

Peach Frozen Yogurt