Classic Chopped Salad

This is the best classic chopped salad recipe you’ll find. It makes a large batch to enjoy for lunch throughout the week or serve at your next gathering.

- assorted salad greens - candied pecans - dried cherries - cherry tomatoes - avocados - red onion - feta cheese

RASPBERRY VINAIGRETTE - raspberry jam - red wine vinegar - olive oil - salt & pepper

This salad makes a very large batch, so it is a great option for medium to large gatherings. You may want to cut ingredient amounts in half for a smaller family meal or for a few days’ worth of lunches.

If you plan to enjoy the salad over the course of a few days, keep the dressing and salad in separate bowls in the fridge and add as needed, just before enjoying.

Other ingredients to consider adding: green bell peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, pepperoncini peppers or chopped fresh herbs.

A great way to turn this into a hearty lunch is to add cooked shredded chicken, crispy bacon crumbles, sliced salami or cooked ground beef or turkey.

Share this over the holidays or for a hearty lunch!