Snickers Fudge

Skip the candy aisle and make a giant pan of a favorite candy bar. Snickers Fudge tastes even better than the original! It comes with a warning, though: you won’t be able to stop.

- milk chocolate chips - creamy peanut butter - butter - sugar - evaporated milk - marshmallow creme - vanilla extract - salted peanuts - caramels

We're creating some dreamy layers here to recreate a version of the Snickers bar. Melt your first batch of chocolate and peanut butter. After you add it to the pan, place in the freezer to set. 

The caramel marshmallow filling is going to be prepared next. I recommend buying caramel bits so you're not opening all these caramels individually!

Next pour the melted caramels over the cooled nougat. Back in the freezer it goes!

You guessed, the final chocolate layer goes over that. Now let it cool an hour. Then it'll be ready to cut into serving sizes!

Enjoy a slice now and freeze for later or wrap them up and make someone a very happy person.