This super easy and delicious barbacoa beef slow cooker recipe is great for taco night or your next party taco bar. Let your crock pot do the heavy lifting so you have more time to spend with loved ones!

– Beef chuck roast – Beef broth – Bay leaves – Garlic – Chipotle chiles – Green chiles – Yellow onions – Lime juice – Ground cumin – Dried oregano – Salt and pepper –  Ground cloves

Add the beef to the slow cooker with the bay leaves and beef broth.

Combine the ingredients for the beef marinade in a bowl. Add it over the top and all sides of the beef.

Turn the slow cooker on for 6 hours and let it cook low and slow for a tender beef. 

Shred the beef and add back to the slow cooker to finish cooking. 

So many ways to enjoy the beef - tacos, burrito bowls, a meaty quesadilla or burritos.