Cauliflower  Mac and Cheese

Healthify Mac and Cheese by adding cauliflower! Kids won’t suspect a thing and you’ll secretly be adding nutrition to a favorite comfort food. Cauliflower Mac and Cheese is sneaky, but also a perfectly delicious side dish or main dish.

Got those adamantly anti-vegetable people in your home? Cater to their likes but try this cauliflower version of a popular mac and cheese recipe. 

Get started with the usual suspects! Let it cook while you work on part 2.

Let your food processor do this this part - your cauliflower won't be recognizable!

Back to the skillet with the pasta cooking...when the pasta has reached its almost-cooked stage, add the cauliflower mixture to the skillet.

Stir in the remaining cheese and if you've been preparing this in a cast iron skillet, even broil it a few minutes to get the crispy cheese on top!

TIP For extra creamy cheesiness, replace all or a portion of the sour cream with cream cheese.

Enjoy serving your family this delicious and healthier mac and cheese!