How To Make Stovetop Popcorn

Down with microwave popcorn and all of the unknown ingredients that come along with it. Make stovetop popcorn easily, without MSG and with a ton of flavor.

–Popcorn kernels, unpopped –Vegetable oil –Butter –Salt

Get a heavy duty deep pan, heat it up and get your vegetable oil hot.

Add a few kernels to the oil to test if the oil is hot enough. Be sure to put the cover on to avoid oil splatter!

You know when the popcorn is slowing down, almost done when you hear 2 seconds between the final pops. Turn off the heat add your treat to a big bowl.

I hope you know if you're adding melted butter and salt, just salt or some cheese that you shake over it for the final flavor!

TIP Do not set heat above medium! In fact, go a touch below. This will decrease the chances of burning and it will ensure a perfectly cooked snack.

In place of vegetable oil, feel free to use olive, canola or even coconut oil or avocado oil.