Best Taco Soup Dinner

A One Pot Meal in 30 minutes!

Warm up with this spicy, comforting, delicious soup. This is the best taco soup recipe and it comes together in 30 minutes! Cater the spice to your liking and enjoy this as a party food or weeknight meal.

This soup smells fantastic as it simmers on the stove top and it tastes even better, warm in your belly.

-- Garlic -- Bell peppers -- Green onions -- Jalapenos -- Taco seasoning -- Cilantro -- Diced tomatoes -- Corn  -- Black beans -- Green chiles -- Chicken or ground beef -- Favorite toppings

Set your dutch oven on the stove and get it hot so you can heat your oil up.

Saute your veggies so they're soft and fragrant!

Add the remaining ingredients into the dutch oven and reduce the heat so it simmers about 30 minutes!

Ladle into serving bowls and top with cheese, sour cream and tortilla strips.

Want to make taco soup in a slow cooker?  Easy peasy instructions for this on the blog to make this in a slow cooker so dinners ready when you are!