Crockpot  Mac and Cheese

This Crockpot Mac and Cheese recipe is creamy and cheesy and just plain DELICIOUS. This comfort food comes together quickly and easily. It is a great dish for a holiday meal or for a busy week night. It’ll get devoured by adults and kids alike!

–Elbow macaroni –Milk –Velveeta  –Salted butter –Cheddar cheese –Parmesan cheese

Any time your oven is being used (think busy holidays!) or when you don’t have an oven to use (think potlucks!) is a great opportunity to make a creamy dish in your crockpot.

Depending on the crock pot, this dish will be done anywhere between 2 and 3 hours. My crock pot produces PERFECT results after 2.5 hours.

This makes a large batch of mac and cheese! It will easily feed 8 hungry people as a main dish or 12 people as a side dish or party food. This is a great dish for pot lucks!

Sprinkle with garlic powder, salt and pepper just before serving!