INSTANT POT CAKE  with a box mix!

Does the Instant Pot ever stop blowing your mind?! Seriously, you guys, who knew that a CAKE could turn out sooo deliciously when made inside of the confines of the magical little Instant Pot?

– Cake mix – Mix ins: (m&ms, chocolate chips, sprinkles, etc) – Chocolate buttercream frosting 

There was a notable difference in tasting an IP cake vs an oven baked cake. The oven-baked cake was much more porous, less moist and overall just not as tasty. You'll absolutely LOVE this method of making cake in the Instant Pot.

Normal 8- or 9-inch round cake pans do not fit inside an Instant Pot. Use a 6-inch round cake pan or a 7-inch round cake pan. This smaller cake turns out so cute and perfect.

 This cake was tested with “extras” in the batter (chocolate chips or M&M’s, for example) AND without and the cakes turned out great both ways. Do not exceed more than 1 cup of extras.