A fudgy brownie covered with mint buttercream and frosting on top is layers of goodness! Chocolate and mint are a marriage made in dessert heaven. 

– Salted butter Sugar – Eggs – Vanilla – Semi-sweet chocolate chips – Flour Cocoa powder – Baking soda – Salt

Buttercream frosting – Salted butter Powdered sugar – Milk – Peppermint extract – Green food coloring Chocolate topping – Salted butter – Semi-sweet chocolate chips

Have a mint-licious  treat to share for St. Patrick's day!

Having a mint buttercream to layer between two incredibly rich chocolate layers brings these brownies next level!

Any leftover frosting can definitely be put to use. Add them to a cookie, top a chocolate cupcake with it or dunk a graham cracker into it with the kids!

Enjoy every bite!