Homemade Caramels

These Homemade Caramels are chewy and gooey and sooo delicious. You won’t want to eat just one! Perfect treat for holiday parties and holiday gifts!

- butter - sugar and light brown sugar - light corn syrup - evaporated milk - heavy whipping cream - vanilla

Prepare your pan so it's ready to hold the caramels when they're done cooking. 

Pull up a stool to the stove and begin to stir the ingredients in a sauce pan. 

You don't want to leave the ingredients unattended to burn, so while you're waiting to get to the 240 degree mark, sit and stir. 

243 degrees is my magic number. Any less and the caramels are too gooey. Any more, and they are too chewy.

These are going to be hard to resist if you're planning on gifting them! Make 2 batches!