Homemade Irish Cream

This recipe for Baileys Irish Cream tastes like a replica of the popular creamy drink. It is super easy to make and it’s an indulgent winter staple!

- rum  - sweetened condensed milk  - heavy whipping cream - chocolate syrup - coffee granules - vanilla extract - almond extract

Use your favorite liquor for this recipe, but here are a few great options: Irish whiskey, brandy, rum (my personal fave), bourbon, scotch or rye. Each one will produce a different flavor, so experiment a bit if you’d like!

Use ground or instant coffee for this drink. The instant variety is fine to use, but in my opinion ground coffee is much more flavorful.

This recipe makes the perfect Christmas gift! Pour it into glass bottles or mason jars, put a cute little label on it and hand it out to friends and family members this year.

Store the homemade version of this creamy beverage in a plastic or glass airtight container in the fridge for up to 1 month.

Irish Cream is Perfect to share this holiday season!