Do you love discovering recipes that make great party dishes? A recipe you can bring to any party and KNOW will get rave reviews and get devoured quickly? This is it.

INGREDIENTS Ground beef Yellow onion Garlic Salt and pepper Cumin Paprika Diced tomatoes Cheddar cheese Hawaiian Rolls Butter Brown sugar Worcestershire sauce

Whether it’s game day, a holiday or a summer bbq, these cute and delish little mini cheeseburgers fit perfectly in your fingers and will feed a large crowd or a small one.

Beef can be replaced with lean ground beef, ground turkey or ground chicken for a leaner cheeseburger slider recipe.

Add a few slices of crispy bacon to the sandwiches for the last 5 minutes of baking for an extra meaty dish.

These sliders are easy to prepare, they are totally delicious and promise, whether you serve them for the entire family or are sharing them they will disappear quick. If you’re looking for an extra fun meal for busy weeknights, this is it.

Whether you call these sliders, sandwiches or appetizers, they'll hit the spot.