Chicken Salad without Celery Sandwich

Packed with so many great ingredients, this chicken salad recipe without celery could easily be called Pantry Sandwich! Delicious option for any day of the week, your next easy meal will be ready in less than 15 minutes.

Chunk chicken Mayonnaise Pecans  Raisins Dried cranberries Green olives White bread or wheat Iceberg lettuce or spinach

Throw these simple ingredients into a large mixing bowl

Mix well!

What's your bread preference? 

Sandwich the mixture between two slices of bread and enjoy as chicken salad sandwiches. You can also opt to spoon it over a bed of lettuce or create lettuce wraps by enclosing the mixture in lettuce leaves.

Use meat from a Rotisserie chicken instead of from a can or shred cooked chicken breasts. Use white meat for a leaner meal or dark meat for a more moist end result.

Use a light mayo for a less dense sandwich, or replace mayo with plain Greek yogurt or sour cream.

Perfect  Chicken Salad Sandwich

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