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How To Cut A Mango

HOW TO CUT A MANGO: Cut the sweet, delicious flesh from a mango without any stress! Learn how to easily cut a mango with step-by-step instructions, as well as a short instructional video.
Prep Time10 mins
Active Time1 min
Total Time11 mins
Course: Snack
Cuisine: American
Keyword: how to cut a mango
Yield: 1
Cost: $3


  • 1 Very Sharp Knife


  • 1 mango ripe


Step 1 - Remove Base

  • Cut the base (the end with the stem) off the mango. This will allow you to situate the mango on its end for easy cutting.

Step 2 - Stand Mango Upright

  • Stand the mango up on its flat base that you’ve just removed.

Step 3 - Remove Mango "Cheeks"

  • The fullest, fleshiest sides of the mango are called the “cheeks.” Starting from the top of the mango, cut down the mango, angling slightly around the pit, to remove the cheeks. It helps to understand the basic shape of the pit so you can most easily cut around it. The pit is oblong and flat, somewhat like a disc. If your knife hits friction while cutting you have likely run into the pit. Redirect your knife so that it cuts around the pit.

Step 4 - Remove Sides

  • Now cut down the sides of the mango, doing your best to avoid the pit and remove as much of the flesh as possible.

Step 5 - Score The Flesh

  • Use a sharp knife to score cross-hatched lines into the flesh of the cheeks. Be sure not to cut through the mango skin while you do this.

Step 6 - Invert Mango

  • Invert the sides of the mango to make the flesh pop out, revealing fun little squares.

Step 7 - Scoop Out Flesh

  • Once the flesh has been inverted, it should be easy to pull or scoop out the mango chunks with your fingers or with the side of a spoon. If the flesh doesn’t easily pull away from the skin, use a paring knife to carefully cut it away.

Step 8 - Remove Flesh From Sides

  • Using a knife, cut away the flesh from the sides of the mango skin. Chop or slice the mango pieces.

Step 9 - Cut Away Remaining Flesh From Pit

  • Stand the mango on its end and use a knife to cut down around the pit, removing as much additional flesh as possible. Chop or slice it, as desired.