Enjoying  Artichokes

Fresh artichokes might look intimidating, but don’t be shy! With little effort you’ll get to the heart of the delicious vegetable.

2 c water 4 cloves garlic 2 bay leaves 2 tbsp lemon juice 1 tsp salt 4 artichokes 4 tbsp butter

Artichokes can be enjoyed as a side to a meal, added to a dish or enjoyed as a snack.

If you have never prepared an artichoke in the IP, let me convince you to try!

If you have ever eaten an artichoke, you know about the “gold" that  is totally scrumptious. The artichoke heart that is buried beneath the grumpy-looking leaves and intimidating fuzzy center.

As artichokes sit, they will get lighter. So pick up a few and feel for weighted feeling. Look for thick, tightly closed, deep green leaves on the bud.

Pull the leaves off the cooked artichoke starting at the base. Dip the base into the melted butter. Insert each leaf into your mouth and scrape teeth against it in order to pull the “meat” from it.

Artichokes have a bitter taste so it’s better to enjoy them steamed. They soften to be used similar to a potato however the flavor is more nutty, like asparagus or brussels sprouts.

A Healthy Side Dish or Snack