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  1. Lisa

    I was SO excited to make these and I love candy corn. But mine totally didn't work. My candy corn melted and the cookies kind of crumbled as I was taking them off the pan. Any idea why this would happen? The crumbled pieces still taste good, but there's no way I can serve them at a party tomorrow looking like that!

  2. Megan Porta

    Oh no, Lisa! I'm so sorry to hear this! I have no idea why your cookies would have been crumbly. Ours weren't at all! As for the candy corn melting, try to contain the candies so that the outer edge of each cookie is batter. I hope this makes sense and helps!

  3. Lisa

    Thanks Megan! I did find that the ones that were sort of insulated with batter had a lot less melting. As for the crumbling issue, I still do not know! The crumbs were still tasty.

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