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  1. Ed M

    Having 2 boys of my own I know there are days like that. And being cooped up inside because of the cold only makes it worse. Sounds like a great time for Disneyworld, some defrosting and family time. When my boys were a little older then yours we took them to Orlando and bought us all matching caps in a BRIGHT color so we could easily find each other. I think they were pink. (My youngest is 31 now!). LOTS of people commented on what a good idea it was. We also bought Birmbaum's book on Disneyworld, Epcot Center and the rest that had some WONDERFUL advice for how to do the parks with minimal long waits.

    Meanwhile, remember to breathe, have a nice cup of tea and treat yourself well. Then get off your duff, get some laundry done so you can start packing! :>\


  2. GeeGee

    Were' having a small Christmas get together and I wonder would this be a good desert to serve my guess? this really looks yummy !

  3. Megan Porta

    Ed: Thank you for the kind words! I love the idea of all of us wearing the same bright colors.
    Geegee: YES yes yes! This would be a great thing to serve as dessert. It may have "salad" in the title, but don't let that fool you. πŸ™‚

  4. Natalie

    Thanks for sharing this recipe — I was actually looking for it when your newsletter arrived in my in-box. Enjoy the Orlando trip — I know it's last minute and many people have given you advice but wanted to add something I found useful…last year before heading to the Orlando water parks I purchased board shorts with matching bright (think neon blue and neon green) sun shirts for my sons to wear–best thing I did, they were easily located in the water park (because of their fair complexions I made them wear the sun shirts) — if you are interested, Lands End could ship straight to your hotel. Thanks again for the recipe.

  5. Savvy Sue

    So glad that you and your family are enjoying these fun things, now. My brother/wife and kids are going during the week of Christmas – And boy… I'm not envying them and all of the people crowded into their cars – all driving to Orlando and waiting in lines… All of this is to say that I wish for you and your family and warm thoughts, cold breaks and to be back home in time to enjoy the other things that matter during the holidays- more family time!
    Tonight, I discovered your blog for the first time. I truly hope you realize you and your family are in all our hearts with mega-watt smiles on! Take care, Sue

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