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  1. Lin

    Perhaps this is a dumb question…but this seems like way more work than simply using a skillet on the stove with no added benefit from the Insta Pot since the meat, onion, and garlic are already cooked. What is the purpose in using the "Pot" in this recipe?

    • Megan Porta

      Hi Lin, Thanks for asking! Everyone has different tools they like to use in the kitchen and I’m working to provide multiple ways to accomplish getting meals on the table. It’s definitely a preference but I have found I’m enjoying using my Instant Pot a lot with my go-to favorites that are able to done on the stove or in a crockpot. Here’s why!

      We all know that no matter how sloppy joes are made, THEY ARE DELICIOUS. Nobody will argue with that. So are they really that much tastier when made in an Instant Pot? The amount of time it takes to make them on stove top and pressure cooker are about the same, but the flavor? The Instant Pot works it’s secret magic to turn up the dial on the flavor, even over the slow-cooked version.

  2. Susan

    We love it! No flavor overwhelmed the others. Less sweet and ketchup dominant than Manwich – which I loved as a child but doesn’t appeal anymore. One had this with pickles, and one without. Definitely a keeper. Thank you.

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