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  1. Rhonda

    I printed my first recipe from your site today…I love the layout and wish more sites had their recipes print this way. I am going to try this recipe soon!

  2. Jenn Oh

    We had this on the weekend. I doubled it for friends and it turned out great! When I do it again, I'll make more of the sauce – we thought we'd like it more 'saucy'. I also diced up carrots in to it. Fabulous for lunch. Very filling and healthy!

  3. patty

    How close to the real thing? these wraps don't look anything like PF Changs. please comment if you have had CHANGS –
    then decided to make these and why use shallots? Can I use green onions in the beginning maybe the white part?

  4. Megan Porta

    Hi Patty! Green onions would be a great replacement. I am a HUGE fan of PF Changs lettuce wraps, and I can honestly say that these taste very similar. PFC has a darker, deeper sauce, but in all honesty these are just as delicious, in my opinion. Report back if you give them a try!!

  5. patty

    AWESOME! We're eating them now! Used very lean ground turkey instead and 8 cloves of garlic because we're garlic fanatics and this was so yummy and filling that I am not sure if we will have room for dinner!~ we split the recipe between 2 so yes yes! very happy with the turnout and can't wait to pass this around to my Chang friends!
    You did a terrific job! THANK YOU!!!

  6. Megan Porta

    Patty! I am so glad you gave this a try and that your family loved it as much as mine does. Thank you for your kind words!!

  7. Cheryl Sammons

    I Went To An Asian Market. I Bought A Bottle 23.5 Ounces Of Black Soy Sauce. It Contains Molasses. This Explains The Darker Color And Thickness. Taste great.

  8. Laurie

    Tried tonight, added 1 carrot and some sliced snow peas at the end and let it sit while I fixed the lettuce to heat through. Did not add garlic as I am allergic to fresh garlic. Excellent and will be easy to freeze and just add lettuce to have again.

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